Every year we conduct a personalized annual review with each of our clients. The review process is an intentional time set aside to meet with customers so we can better understand their current healthcare journey. Teddy Roosevelt once said, “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Our team at MIB takes caring for the people we meet to heart. The best part of MIB Health Insurance is our customers and we never forget that.

Most insurance companies do not offer a personalized annual review. We make this a top priority. Our mission has always been to provide health Insurance that is simple, accessible, and affordable. Our annual review process helps us shop and compare health insurance plans on behalf of individual, family, group health, and Medicare clients. Though many insurance companies don’t take the time to offer this service, we believe this process is critical to providing peace of mind to our clients.

It is such an honor to know that all of our unsolicited Google reviews are 5 stars. We know the most important Google review is the next one and take that seriously. When someone is searching for health insurance and looks at our reviews, they see we care for and value the people we serve. Our clients trust us and reviews like this inspire us to continually strive for excellence and help people find the best product for their situation.

We were unimpressed with two health insurance agents before seeing Michelle at MIB. Wow, what a difference. She and the agency were professional and demonstrated an excellent knowledge of their products.

Jeff with MIB is amazing! He was so easy to work with, answered all of my questions, and gave me several plans to choose from. He was knowledgeable on the options and the decision was made pretty quickly. He made the entire process so easy. I highly recommend MIB.
We’ve worked with Midwest for many years. The team is always great to collaborate with. They are timely, friendly, and willing to find the best solutions for our team. Shout out to Brad and Mackenzie for keeping our rates in line for health insurance.

Health Insurance can be complicated and confusing. There is no perfect plan for everyone. We are committed to being a reliable and trustworthy source of information and support for each person with their own unique story. Helping them navigate the complex healthcare system is what drives us. When we hear comments like –You were a pleasure to work with. Your knowledge and easy-going personality made the process very easy and not scary. We appreciate your hard work. We know we have done our job to provide peace of mind. Mike Dietz, owner of MIB Health Insurance says, “We offer more than just a policy and a phone number to an insurance company, we are here to take our client’s phone calls personally, help direct them gently, and answer all their questions thoroughly so they can sleep well at night knowing someone has their back.”

One thing we hear from our clients consistently is Thank You. Thank you for making this process painless and easy. Thanks for helping us figure this out. Thanks for giving us peace of mind. We are grateful we get to help people solve problems like these.

Meet Jana*

She was prescribed an expensive Tier 3 Medication with a $395 deductible and a $42 co-pay. During her annual review, we listened to her budget concerns and found a plan with no deductible for her medicine. Medicare clients like Jana need to make sure their prescription drugs are covered by the plan and the copays are reasonable. We were even able to help her receive extra benefits for dental, vision, and over-the-counter medications. Health Insurance plans can look the same, but in situations like Jana’s, it is the fine details that helped her get the best value.

Meet Frank

It was late in the month when Frank was referred to us to help him sort out his Medicare enrollment. He was over 65 and retiring in two weeks. He was eligible for Medicare but had not enrolled in Medicare Part B because he still had his employer’s group health insurance plan. We were able to respond quickly to his urgent situation. We swiftly arranged the forms Frank needed to start Medicare Part B and made a phone call to the Social Security office on his behalf. Within a week, Frank’s Medicare was all set up to begin on the first of the next month. Frank needed help and the MIB team knew exactly how to provide it.

Meet Betsy

Betsy had a complicated medical scenario and enrolled in a plan based on her daughter’s need for an expensive outpatient procedure. She was expecting to pay a $400 copay. The hospital system, which is now required by law to give estimates up front gave Betsy an out-of-pocket estimate of $9,000. She was terrified and didn’t know what to do. Her daughter needed the procedure, and she didn’t have $9,000. We requested the estimate and a copy of her insurance plan to review. It’s not the first time we have seen something like this and quickly found the error. The hospital adjusted the estimate to the anticipated $400. Betsy was so relieved. It is wins like this that make problem-solving for our customers the best part of our job.

One of the biggest compliments we receive is referrals of family and friends to help them with health insurance and Medicare issues. We know we are doing our job when a client suggests friends and family call us for the same service, we provided them. It is not unusual for us to serve parents, brothers, sisters, and in-laws for entire families. Our customers are the best customers on earth and that is what makes it feel like family at MIB Health Insurance.

MIB Health Insurance is a family-owned health insurance brokerage with a team of caring health insurance professionals in the Fox Cities who want to understand your unique health insurance story. Together we can find the right health insurance solutions for you and your family. The Health Insurance experts at MIB are committed to providing peace of mind to help you better understand your health insurance choices.

Call an MIB Health Insurance expert at 920-731-2100 to schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you navigate your health insurance. We’d love for your family to be part of ours.

* The names in these stories have been changed to honor the confidentiality of our clients.