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Finding Peace of Mind with MIB Plus

Healthcare does not have to be complicated or expensive.

MIB Plus is a membership program from MIB Health Insurance that brings peace of mind and helps you navigate Health Insurance benefits, medical billing, and healthcare services both inside and outside of the conventional insurance system. MIB Plus equips you with affordable, sensible, and easy access healthcare options to make your life easier. Have you:

    • Overpaid for simple medical services?
    • Needed help making sense of confusing medical billing statements?
    • Been taken advantage of by healthcare billing?
    • Struggled to match up medical bills with insurance?
    • Needed help finding low-cost medical services?
    • Needed a sound medical second opinion?
    • Overpaid for prescription drugs?

Healthcare Direct Can Help You Save Time & Money

MIB Plus and Healthcare Direct are healthcare services provided to empower you to buy healthcare directly to save you money outside of your insurance plan. Healthcare Direct through MIB Plus is a new way of doing healthcare. Healthcare Direct options save time and money to optimize your healthcare choices at no cost to you from your employer, or at a low cost for individuals.

MIB Plus

MIB Plus Concierge Line

Make your first call to our concierge line to help with any Health Insurance or healthcare provider concerns including reviewing and resolving billing issues and finding medical services.

MIB Plus Pharmacy

Pharmacy Direct

Let us show you how to pay less for your prescription drugs outside of health insurance.

MIB Plus Healthcare

Healthcare Services

Let us show you how to find direct-pay healthcare providers that will cost substantially less than using traditional healthcare providers.

What is a Health Sharing Plan?

Health Sharing Plans (HSP) are organizations in which healthcare costs are shared among plan members with similar values and ethical beliefs.

Most members start by evaluating health sharing plans to save money on Health Insurance. HSPs provide an affordable and proven alternative to traditional Health Insurance.

The advantages of an HSPs are lower costs, freedom to choose your healthcare provider, and financial protection for catastrophic and emergency health situations.

MIB Plus is here to help you navigate benefits and submissions with your HSP as you take responsibility for paying your medical costs outside of the conventional insurance system.

Most members in HSPs find that they are paying less for healthcare and feel more secure in their healthcare choices.

Health Sharing Plans offer a simple and affordable alternative to traditional health insurance plans giving you more choices to help you take charge of your healthcare. Look at this sample HSP cost and coverage to see if an HSP might be the best choice for you.

“MIB helped me transition from my group health insurance plan to a Medicare Supplement. A surgery benefit I assumed would be covered by Medicare was rejected. As a member, the experts at MIB+ found the problem, fixed everything, and my medical bills were paid. I don’t know what I would have done without the expertise of MIB.”

Greg, Member of MIB Plus

“My family is on a health sharing plan. MIB has answered many of our questions we had over the years with discounts from health care providers, sending bills into the health sharing plan and just making sure I am not stuck with an unexpected medical bill. The extra benefits of MIB Plus make our family feel secure with a health sharing plan.”

Chris, MIB Plus Member

“I thought I had good health insurance. After surgery, the plan only paid $1,000 on a $40,000 bill. The experts at MIB+ found a $10,000 benefit because my surgery was from an accident. MIB+ told me how to negotiate with the health care provider to save 45% off my outstanding medical bills. I was left with only about $12,000 in medical bills. They changed my health insurance plan so this does not happen again.”

Stacy, individual client and MIB Plus member

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