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Navigating Your Transition Into Medicare?
We Can Help.

Medicare is confusing and complicated. When are you eligible? Do you need original Medicare or something else? Should you enroll in a supplemental plan? Will your doctors or prescriptions be covered once you’re on Medicare? What will it actually cost? MIB health Insurance can help you find peace of mind when transitioning into Medicare.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the junk-mail and telemarketing you receive leading up to your eligibility. There are so many options for Medicare supplemental plans, how will you know which one is right for you? Many agencies host seminars to group you into generalities, but this can lead to more confusion and the topics may not even apply to you.

MIB Health Insurance meets with each of our clients on an individual basis because we understand everyone has unique healthcare needs. We want to hear your Health Insurance story and understand what is important to you. Then we match you with a plan that best serves your health needs, gives you full protection and meets your budget.

Did you know? You are eligible for Medicare on the 1st of the month you turn 65. The open enrollment period begins three months before and after your 65th birthday. You are automatically enrolled in Medicare Part B if you are drawing Social Security Benefits. If you are not drawing Social Security Benefits, we can help you enroll in Part B. We recommend meeting with someone from our team 3 to 12 months prior to your 65th birthday.

MIB Health Insurance can help you find peace of mind when transitioning into Medicare.

Medicare Plan Offerings:

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements

Pay a monthly premium to have very low out-of-pocket expenses. A separate Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) is needed.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans

Pay little or no monthly premium and have pay-as-you-go benefits with affordable copayments. Prescription drug benefits are included in most of these types of plans.


Medical Savings Accounts (MSA)

Pay no monthly premium and receive an annual deposit into a MSA to put towards your high-deductible Medicare Plan. A separate Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) is needed.
Medicare Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Plans

There is a wide range of prices for prescription drug plans (PDP). We suggest a prescription drug review to determine a plan that best fits your needs and budget.

What Sets MIB Apart
in Medicare?  

We take our commitment to provide peace of mind seriously and you will see that in our unparalleled customer service. Our 4 steps to peace of mind will provide perfect plan matching, easy enrollment, and live phone support. We are your first point of contact for any claims, billing, or service issues. Our Medicare experts solve complicated issues with just a phone call so you can rest knowing you have access to the care you need. We have a combined 70-plus years of Medicare experience in our office and that helps you save time and money.

Every year between October 15th and December 7th is an open enrollment period to change your Medicare plan for the following year. We send our members notification in the first part of October analyzing new plan options and communicating changes (if applicable) to your current plan. Additionally, if you are on expensive name-brand medications, we provide an annual review to ensure your prescription drug plan is the most competitive.

We can also help you find the right Health Insurance for your spouse after retirement.

We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 18 organizations which offer 124 products in your area. Please contact, 1–800–MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program to get information on all of your options.

“MIB made the enrollment with Medicare easy. The options offered were plentiful. I’ve referred MIB to several friends.”

Stephen, Medicare Supplement client

“My husband and I worked with MIB for our Medicare needs. I was so glad a friend recommended us to MIB. We were beyond impressed. They listened and got to know us then put a really great plan together for our needs. We would highly recommend MIB for your Medicare needs.”

Paul, current client and Mary future client for Medicare

“Thank you for helping us to change from our group health insurance plan to Medicare. We have found it very confusing enrolling in Medicare Part B. MIB took the time to make sure the Social Security office had all our paperwork, and we were properly enrolled with Medicare when our group benefits ended. Thank you for making us feel safe through this transition.”

Kathy and Mike, Medicare clients

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