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Individual or Family Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is confusing and complicated with so many factors to consider.  Are you overpaying for your health insurance? Are you eligible for tax credits? Are there less expensive insurance options that might provide better coverage at lower rates? It is hard to know where to even begin. 

We want to understand your unique Health Insurance story and find the right Health Insurance solutions for you and your family. The Health Insurance experts at MIB are committed to providing peace of mind when protecting you and your family. 

Plan Offerings:

Individual health insurance

Health Insurance
(ACA Plans)

Need to lower your health insurance costs? Find out if you qualify for a subsidy from the Federal Government.

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Individual health insurance dental


Do you or your family need dental insurance? We can help with network discounts and benefits to help manage your dental expenses.

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Individual health insurance life


You care about your family and so do we. Life Insurance protects your family in case of an unexpected loss. It is easy to get a quote to find out how affordable it is.

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Short Term
Medical Plans

Have you lost health insurance temporarily? We offer an affordable way to cover yourself and your family during temporary losses of coverage. Pre-existing conditions may apply.

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Travel Plans

Are you or a loved one planning an international trip? International insurance is a must for anyone traveling outside of the United States.

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Individual health insurance vision


Vision Insurance can help you manage your vision expenses with network discounts and benefits.

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What Sets MIB Apart
in Individual & Family Health Insurance

We offer innovative solutions and evaluate multiple options, including COBRA/Continuation, Individual/Family plans, Short-Term Medical policies, and Health Sharing Plans to protect your family’s financial health needs and ensure you have peace of mind.

MIB offers exceptional customer service as your first point of contact for any claims, billing, or benefits questions. For an additional membership fee, we provide a total customer experience with access to a professional second opinion for major health diagnostics.

Our annual Market Analysis determines if your current insurance company and plan is still competitive and beneficial for you and your family. At this time, we can also look at adding lines of coverage to meet your changing medical needs.

As you approach Medicare’s age of 65, we can help you transition into Medicare seamlessly. Look at our Medicare plan offerings to better understand your path to peace of mind as you move into Medicare.

“I have been a client of MIB since 2007. They have done a thorough job finding the exact insurance plan that fits my lifestyle and insurance needs. They have made the transition for a health insurance plan to Medicare easy. I have referred many families and friends who also received the highest quality care.”

Vicki, past individual health and current Medicare client

“I meet with MIB late in the day after hours. They took the time to find me a plan with my doctors in the network and enrolled me in a health insurance plan with a very low-cost plan based on my income. I would recommend MIB for any of your health insurance needs.”

John, new individual client

“I am so happy that I have MIB as my insurance agency. Understanding all the intricacies of insurance can be very perplexing. Having someone who can explain and advise you is extremely important. They are so respectful and professional and have helped me immensely.”

Nora, current client

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