We’re always here for you.
Putting your health at the top of our priorities 24/7.
Health Insurance-nobody does it better.

These are promises from national insurance companies to take care of your health insurance needs, but will they? Oftentimes, after the sale, insurance companies that promise excellent customer service, fall short. This can leave customers in a difficult position trying to make sense of complicated insurance products and services. In some of the important moments of your life, you can often find yourself confused and alone.

When it comes to health insurance, local is better. MIB doesn’t over-promise and under-deliver. In fact, the opposite is true. They may not be available 24/7, but this local, family-owned agency does promise to get to know you and understand your individual health insurance needs. As a small local insurance broker, they live up to the company-wide promise to give you peace of mind on your health insurance path.

MIB isn’t on call 24/7, but the local team of experts at MIB will do everything they can to take care of you and your health insurance concerns promptly.

Local makes true customer service possible.
There are over 20 insurance agencies in the Fox Cities that sell many of the same insurance products for basically the same price. But which product is right for you?

Is traditional insurance going to meet your needs?
Would a health-sharing plan benefit you?
Can you find better rates on medications?
Are you ready to transition to Medicare?

Being local matters but offering inspired customer service that goes above and beyond basic product sales is where you will find the difference between MIB and other insurance agencies. MIB consistently maintains a 5-star google review and while they can’t all be reprinted here, you will find words like excellence, timely, responsive, cost-effective, super knowledgeable, dedicated, caring, and totally professional to describe MIB. This isn’t coincidental. This is what they do. More than that, this is who they are.

Let’s Connect
MIB established what they call the four steps to peace of mind. Peace of mind is at the core of everything they offer you. Starting with the first point of contact on their website, or the first phone call to a team member, the team at MIB believes client accessibility is key to excellent customer service. They don’t offer 24/7 phone support, but what they do provide you is a caring person who knows you and understands you and your unique health insurance needs.

Mike, the owner of MIB for over 35 years, puts his personal cell number on his business card. Helping clients in their time of need is who he is. He says the best part of his job is helping his clients sleep at night. He tells of one heart surgery client who had an overdue bill of $60k. This client could not get the medical bills resolved for months. Spending hours on hold, speaking to rep after rep, being declined, and ending up scared and frustrated, they reached out to MIB. Within a few days, and a three-way call with the hospital, the claim was reprocessed and the $60k bill went away. That is peace of mind.

Perfect plan matching
Whether you need an individual health insurance plan, a subsidized plan on the marketplace, a group insurance plan for your business, or a seamless transition to the complexities of Medicare, MIB takes the extra time upfront to make sure the insurance products you are buying are a good fit. Health Insurance and healthcare are complicated, and one size does not fit all when it comes to health insurance plans.

Your agent needs to understand your unique health situation by asking the right questions, understanding what insurance platforms are available, and the pros and cons of each plan. Years of industry expertise, a commitment to problem-solving, and an understanding of risks and benefits in each unique situation are what MIB does with perfect plan matching. They believe that if the plan is perfectly matched up front, there will be fewer problems when it matters most. Finding out you are not covered, or your deductible and premiums are higher than expected leads to unhappy clients. MIB can confidently say they have a 99% client satisfaction rate because they value client satisfaction in everything they do.

Perfect plan matching assures insurance products match specific needs, proper coverage is provided, budgets are maximized, and benefits are explained. That is peace of mind.

Easy Enrollment
Many clients are lost when they reach out to MIB Health Insurance. They are unsure of their options and don’t know if there might be alternatives to better meet their needs. Easy enrollment can often happen in less than 30 minutes once you have a perfect plan match. The team at MIB explains options to help you make informed choices about your health insurance. Many clients have had insurance benefits through an employer for years. HR always took care of the health insurance, and a confused client may not know what to do.

Health insurance choices can be overwhelming. MIB makes it easy.

Some clients prefer to do everything on their own because they mistrust the insurance system. MIB understands and offers easy enrollment on the website, via email, or over the phone in an easy personal step-by-step process. MIB believes health insurance does not have to be confusing. Connecting personally to understand a client’s unique needs, finding a perfect plan match, and offering an easy enrollment process provide peace of mind.

Live phone support
MIB strives to follow this easy formula to give you the best-localized customer service possible.
Live phone support is what allows them to give you what you need when you need it. Health insurance is not something you want to think about…until you absolutely must. Live phone support you can trust will help you when you need it most. If you have a problem with your insurance plan, questions about benefits, processing bills, or transitioning to Medicare, the last thing you want to do is be placed on hold or caught in an endless loop of automated phone responses. MIB will take your call whenever possible and if they can’t speak with you at that specific moment, they strive to contact you by the end of the business day by your preferred method of contact. Sometimes, having a real-life human on the other end of the line is all you need for peace of mind.

MIB Health Insurance is a family-owned company with a team of caring health insurance professionals in the Fox Cities who want to understand your unique health insurance story. Together you can find the right health Insurance solutions for you and your family. The Health Insurance experts at MIB are committed to providing peace of mind when protecting you and your family. Call a MIB Health Insurance Expert at 920-731-2100 to see what the four steps to peace of mind may look like for you.